Media Relations
What is media relations? First, here’s what it isn’t, at least at Russell Public Relations. Good media relations is not a mass news release distribution to a generic industry list, followed by sitting back and waiting for reporters to call. That approach is doomed to fail.
Reporters want news, not press releases. They generally want only news in their beat. They want it fast, and without corporate doublespeak.

We excel at meeting these demands,  while telling our clients’ stories, reaching their target audiences and preserving their good reputations. Here’s why our media relations programs work.
1. First, we conduct extensive media research to ensure we'll reach the right media, and the right reporters, too.  
2. Next, we concentrate on relationship building.  We get to know the reporters and what grabs their attention.
3. Then, when we have news to share, we tell it accurately and succinctly. We show how it fits into our client’s bigger strategy and the industry in general.
4. And we never interfere with how reporters do their jobs. This means preparing our clients to answer the tough questions, as well as the easy ones.
Media relations takes savvy — and it takes time. We’ve found the payoff to be worth it. And so have our clients.

"I must compliment you on the way you guided us through the interview. You had an agenda and guided us toward it. That is something I really appreciate. We all know the reporter only has so much time and you kept us on task. "
John Smith
Pixius Communications