Public Relations
There are many (boring) definitions about what PR is. It makes more sense to talk about what PR — strategic, integrated, ongoing PR — from Russell Public Relations can do for you.

Here’s just a start:
  • Build your brand
  • Increase sales
  • Establish and guard your good reputation
  • Educate or inform your customers or audiences
  • Help your company be a good employer and corporate neighbor

And in challenging times for your company, RPR can: 
  • Make sure news stories are balanced
  • Help maintain communication with employees
  • Devise and implement a plan to win back customers

We accomplish this through a variety of proactive, strategic tactics.

PR does it all, then, right? Not quite. Here’s what PR can’t do. In fact, because ethics and credibility are very important to us, here’s what RPR won’t do:
  • Cover up bad news
  • Control the media and what it reports
  • Avoid confrontation with the media, customers or employees
  • Make statements that aren’t true
  • Make promises that your stories will appear in any non-paid media